ONSIGHT's in on the Secret Life of Dogs

28th January, 2013

A new one-hour documentary examines the canine mind and body to reveal the behaviour of man’s best friend like never before.

The film follows various breeds, looking at puppies from birth, training for a Guide Dog and experiences from owners, demonstrating how dogs have impacted their lives in extraordinary ways.

Having collaborated on the successful Meerkats 3D, ONSIGHT was delighted to work again with Oxford Scientific Films, the company behind this project. Our camera department supplied a RED Epic package with Zeiss Super Speed lenses. Shot on location around the UK and in a studio environment, this included auxiliary kit and lighting for the crew, led by DoP Simon Reay. In addition, ONSIGHT hired an Optex Excellence Probe and helped engineer an underwater camera housing unit for the Epic, offering lense control, to capture some critical scenes. Using methods involving slow motion and thermal imagery, allowed Production to focus on how dogs see, smell and experience their world.

Narrated by Martin Clunes, we discover why dogs bark, whether they are left or right pawed, how a husky avoids frostbite and much more.

Secret Lives of Dogs airs Thursday 31 January on ITV1 at 9PM.

See a clip below.  Photos courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films.