ONSIGHT's fourth adventure with David Attenborough - Galapagos 3D...

21st December, 2012

ONSIGHT is proud to be providing full camera and post production solutions on Galapagos 3D with David Attenborough.  This new three-part series captures the inhabitants of this remote part of the world, like never seen before.

It is produced by Colossus Productions, the joint venture between Atlantic Productions and Sky 3D.  This latest project follows the success of our collaborative work on Atlantic Productions' Flying Monsters 3D with David AttenboroughThe Bachelor King 3D and Kingdom of Plants 3Dwith David Attenborough. Written and presented by Sir David Attenborough, Galapagos 3D will feature extraordinary creatures and environments, using pioneering techniques and technology.

Each 1-hour programme will highlight the history of the Galapagos Islands.  The episode synopses:

Episode 1:  Origin

The islands of the Galapagos rose explosively from the ocean four million years ago.  Although life would not seem viable in such a remote Pacific outpost, the first arrivals landed as the fires still burned.  David Attenborough explores the islands for the animals and plants that descend from these pioneers: from the sea birds carrying the seeds that made a tentative foothold on these rocks, to equator-dwelling penguins and a dancing bird with blue feet.  

This is a story of treacherous journeys, life-forms that forged unlikely companionships, and surviving against all odds.  It is the story of an evolutionary melting pot in which anything and everything is possible. 

Episode 2:  Adaptation

Once life arrived in the Galapagos, it exploded into unique and spectacular forms.  David Attenborough investigates the driving forces behind such evolutionary innovations.   We learn that life must be able to adapt quickly in these ever-changing volcanic landscapes.  It has resulted in species found nowhere else in the world, such as giant whale sharks and marine iguanas that can spit sea-salt from their noses, dandelion seeds that grow into tree-sized plants and spiders that can blend perfectly into the darkness.  

Adaptation has been the key to survival in these islands so far, but the story of life in the Galapagos doesn’t end here. The catalyst that triggers these explosions of life remains in place.

Episode 3:  Evolution

No two islands in the Galapagos are the same.  The imperceptible drift of a continental plate keeps each island biologically isolated.  David Attenborough explores this evolutionary crucible, encountering tortoises that weigh up to half a tonne, finches that use tools and lizards that communicate using press-ups; for Darwin, this was all evidence for his theory of evolution.  We see the final footage of the world famous tortoise fondly known as Lonesome George, the last survivor of his species.   David Attenborough was the last person to have ever filmed with him. 

Darwin’s famous visit had a downside – the arrival of man.  David investigates the impact we’ve had in these islands, as our influence is a double-edged sword.  We’ve disrupted the natural balance but he also believes Darwin would be thrilled with the advances we have made in science.  We’re also now uncovering evidence that evolution is more rapid than Darwin could ever have imagined.  Whatever wonders the Galapagos Islands hold today, they are only a hint of what awaits them in the future.

Galapagos 3D with David Attenborough will launch on New Year's Day at 7pm and will be simulcast in 2D on Sky 1.

More info to follow in 2013.

See the trailer here - http://sky1.sky.com/galapagos-3d-with-david-attenborough/galapagos-3d-with-david-attenborough-watch-the-trailer

Photos courtesy of BSkyB.