ONSIGHT supports Stereoscopic 3D Training

04th December, 2010

ONSIGHT is supporting a 3 day series of intensive 3D workshops and hands on seminars for industry professionals at BAFTA and Twickenham Studios.

Taking place over the 25th, 26th and 27th of January 2011, the programme will be led by 3D producer and trainer Phil Streather with special guests and 3D experts.

Day One will be held at BAFTA for a maximum of 220 attendees. It will cover everything you need to know in order to decide if your project is right for 3D; whether it’s a feature film, commercial, high end documentary or an ‘as live’ concert. And, if it is right, which rig you should use and the impact your decision has on design, post production, the budget and schedule. There will be networking drinks and a 3D screening at the end of the day.

Days Two and Three will be held at Twickenham Studios (Stage 1) for a maximum of 35 attendees: DoP’s, AC’s, VFX Supers, Editors, Directors and Producers. Attendees on these days will need to have attended Day One. The focus on these days will be intensive, practical 3D movie making, using all the major 3D rigs, monitoring, recording and post production tools, provided by ONSIGHT, Telegenic and SGO Mistika. There will be networking drinks and 3D screenings on both days.


Fees – deadline 14th January 2011

Day One only - £250 (plus VAT)

All three days - £750 (plus VAT)


For further information and details of registration contact:

Helen Johnson t: 07968 381288 e: helen@talkingpoint.uk.net

Phil Streather e: phil@plf.cc