ONSIGHT provides shoot to post facilities for a special film, starring Ray Winstone

05th August, 2013

Leading Hollywood and British actors, including Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, John Simm, Neil Stuke and Tamzin Outhwaite, have come together to be part of a short film with a twist. ONSIGHT was proud to support the unique project by providing cameras and equipment through to full post production.

The gripping drama is Father’s Day, which connects a group of characters in something big, to reveal just how they know each other - through prostate cancer.

An impressive line up of people was secured both behind and in front of the camera. The 18-minute film was co-produced by Neil Stuke and Coast Productions for Prostate Cancer UK. Given Stuke’s association with the disease through his role in Silk and subsequently as an ambassador to the charity, he and Coast approached Prostate Cancer UK about making a film that had the appeal of a dramatic short to engage viewers and deliver the message with impact. Writer Martin Sadofski of Coast visited a real support group with the help of Prostate Cancer UK to help determine the style and tone of the film. With actors Stuke and Simms soon on board, the team were able to secure Ray Winstone’s involvement. The growing cast and crew were all interested in the concept, especially when many of them have personal links with the illness. Jon Simm remarked, “I hope the film will raise awareness so that men won’t treat prostate cancer as such a taboo subject between themselves, and that it will help them to be aware of, and not ignore, the symptoms.”


The camera department supplied an ARRI Alexa Plus package, consisting of Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42 mm and 30-80mm zooms as well as Cooke S4 Prime lenses to create the filmic look. Charlie Druce, the Executive Producer and Creative Producer of Coast Productions discussed a second camera with the ONSIGHT team. Having just taken delivery of the Sony PMW-F55, we suggested this new camera, due to its high specifications, increasingly desired 4K definition and to see how it compared to the ever popular Alexa. The 3-day shoot took place in the spring on location around London. It was ONSIGHT’s first project, using the F55. DoPs Mike Fox and Geoff Harrison were both on hand, joining Spooks and Primeval Director Cilla Ware.


ONSIGHT provided a suite at their Soho facility to house the offline. A combination of shots were used from the Alexa and the F55. Of the new camera, Harrison commented, “Sony has designed and built a very progressive option for high quality digital productions, which though still in development, has great potential.” For the online, ONSIGHT Colourist Andy Lee graded the film in one of our Mistika suites. He created a clean and modern look with a dark palette of colours to set the dramatic mood, adding to the anticipation of what would happen when the characters meet.  Father's Day gives the impression of a heist movie.  Managing and balancing the different camera formats were also a significant part of the online process. Other ONSIGHT staff who contributed to the finished film include Online Editor Matt Pamplin for the titles and graphics and Andy Coles as Dubbing Mixer. Druce added, “ONSIGHT provided a set of services that allowed us to create a high level of production through the entire pipeline - nothing was too much trouble. We got the F55 practically out of the box! The team had everything we needed to produce effective results for a great cause.”


The short first aired on ITV4 on Father's Day, as part of Prostate Cancer UK’s Stand By Your Man campaign.  It is still available to see, highlighting what can be achieved in charity video production and importantly, encouraging people touched by prostate cancer to discuss their concerns and experiences.


Watch the full film here.