ONSIGHT looks after 'Topsy and Tim' on set

19th December, 2013

Topsy and Tim is the CBeebies’ first live action drama, produced by Darrall Macqueen. As the series’ camera facilitator, ONSIGHT congratulates Production on wrapping the shoot these past few days.

The production team wanted to make a show that would engage such a young audience and focus on the lead characters - five year-old twins. They therefore opted for a point-of-view filming style done from the children’s level. Everything was shot at a metre height and from a set especially built at Twickenham Studios, reflecting a real house location. ONSIGHT’s camera department supplied the cameras and accessories over 3 blocks of shooting. The Sony PMW-F3 was selected, recording to AJA Kia Pro Mini to secure the higher data rates for broadcast.

This solution met Productions' needs. One of the Executive Producer’s on the series, Maddy Darrall, said, "Our thanks to ONSIGHT for looking after us so well on Topsy and Tim. We have valued the company's flexibility and reliability throughout this groundbreaking shoot for CBeebies. We can’t believe 9 months of filming has finally come to an end and we look forward to talking to the team about our next project for 2014."

To perfect the POV shoot, DoP Simon Reay created a camera dolly, customised from an electric wheelchair and operated by Cameraman, Scott Milton. Nicknamed "Betty", it was able to directly follow the cast, giving that different feel to the more usual handheld camera choices.  Scroll down and watch the behind the scenes video here (posted on 4 December) of Betty in action with Simon Reay and the team.  The dolly was showcased during the BSC Expo 2014 in late january, as part of ONSIGHT's stand.  It attracted a lot of attention from visitors and exhibitors at Warner Bros. Studios over the 2 days.  

Directed by Richard Bradley, Jack Jameson and Matt Holt, Topsy and Tim is based on the well known books by Jean and Gareth Adamson about the twins’ everyday adventures and learning. It looks at family life and is next on CBeebies Channel at 5.30PM on Monday 23 December.

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