ONSIGHT launches a new Camera Rental building

27th November, 2011

ONSIGHT has expanded their Camera Rental department with new premises at Shepperton Studios. Having relocated at the end of last month, the additional space allows the bookings team, operators and technicians to meet the increased demands.

With their second building at Shepperton Studios, this makes ONSIGHT the largest tenant. The existing office, which has housed the camera business for over twenty years, is now where the Edit Rental department is managed from. This conveniently locates both rental businesses at the studios. In the last few months, ONSIGHT supplied Alexa cameras and offline edit stations to Last Passenger, the UK feature film shot at Shepperton. ONSIGHT will also be supplying the camera and post solution for Red Dwarf X series being filmed at the studios.

CEO of ONSIGHT, Simon Craddock says, “The larger Camera Rental facility demonstrates our commitment to provide a better, more efficient service to our clients. With our 3D Centre at Shepperton we also have the innovative edge our clients require.”

To visit the new premises or for more info, please call +44 (0)20 7637 0888.