ONSIGHT is on 'The Patrol', a new feature premiering this week at Raindance Film Festival

04th October, 2013

A new and exciting feature film, The Patrol, makes its world premiere on 4 October, having been selected for this year's 21st annual Raindance Film Festival. ONSIGHT provided both production and post production facilities and is thrilled to see the military action drama has secured a nomination at the festival for 'Best UK Film'.

Raindance Festival is one of the largest independent film festivals in Europe, running in London from 26 September to 6 October 2013. It highlights the best independent films and filmmakers from the UK.

The Patrol is written and directed by Tom Petch, concerning the conflict in Afghanistan from the perspective of a British Army patrol around 2006/7.  It is the first British feature film to tackle this gritty, but timely subject.  Petch is ex-army and by drawing on his extensive experience and research, the project portrays the realities of warfare through fictional characters and raises important questions. Talking about his debut film, he adds, "This is my view. I have been as honest as I can. I welcome the opportunity presented by Raindance Film Festival to generate discussion around this fiercely controversial and emotive topic."

Shot in the Moroccan desert, DoP Stuart Bentley worked closely with ONSIGHT’s camera department to obtain the best equipment for the challenging conditions.  The team supplied the ARRI Alexa for its filmic look and versatility, combined with Optimo zoom lenses.  Bentley was impressed with the kit’s performance, remarking, “From dust, blazing heat, extreme contrast or long hours, the Alexa handled it all.” He adds, “ONSIGHT were incredibly supportive all the way through the project, offering invaluable advice and ideas in the testing stage and quick and reliable support whilst we were shooting."

Back in the UK, the ONSIGHT team provided an efficient pipeline for the full picture post.  This involved the edit, grade, online and deliverables from the company’s Soho facility. ONSIGHT Colourist Andy Lee graded the feature, using Mistika, and ensured the look was kept as real as possible.  Lee comments, “Although the desert provided a muted colour palette, we worked hard to apply saturation in the right places, for example, to the soldiers’ faces in order to evoke the feeling of intense heat to the viewer.”  Petch says, “ONSIGHT provided excellent services through the whole production process.  Their support was invaluable to the project.  We are delighted with the natural look, complimenting the poignant mood through the eyes of this army patrol.”   

The feature film centres on Operation Herrick that one-day prompts a Taliban counter attack in Helmand Province, resulting in the unit's three-day patrol hitting double figures. Faced with low ammunition, injury and rising tensions under the command of a captain who is out of touch with his men, the exhausted, disillusioned soldiers question their role in the war.

Produced by Tom Petch and Tom Stuart, The Patrol is an AFG Ltd production that screens in Piccadilly Circus at 9PM on Friday 4 October.   For more information, please visit http://raindancefestival.org/films/patrol-the/.

Visit the official website and watch the trailer here.


ONSIGHT film credits:

Camera, lenses supplied by ONSIGHT


Colourist Andy Lee

Post Producer Tony Maher                


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