9 ONSIGHT is back to the wild with Pandas 3D in 4K

09th September, 2013

Pandas 3D: Back To The Wild is the new film from Oxford Scientific Films (OSF) for Sky in association with CWCA & Wolong Panda Conservation Centre, National Geographic Channels, National Geographic Entertainment and CCTV9.  The ONSIGHT team is the proud facility provider for both cameras and post, following numerous collaborations with OSF.

Sky commissioned the 3D documentary film and it is the first film OSF has produced in the 4K format.  With ONSIGHT's experience in both 3D and 4K, we were on hand to manage the significant equipment and data throughout the entire production process.  Our camera team supplied RED Epics to capture the footage in those formats.  The cameras were combined with 3ality Technica’s Atom rig and a selection of lenses for the logistically demanding job. Shot in China over the course of a year, the team provided on location data management, where all of the rushes were transcoded and prepared for the Avid offline at ONSIGHT’s Soho facility.  

ONSIGHT continued with the complete picture post from the online to mastering and deliverables in 3D and 2D. They designed a 5K post production and finishing pipeline.  Our Colourist Andy Lee graded the film on Mistika with online support from David Gonzalez Lozano and Miguel Caamano Riveiro. Lee created a bright, but natural look to make the most of the national parks and lush environments. The pandas required particular accuracy to define their black and white fur, while balancing contrast levels.

Narrated by Joely Richardson, the one-hour special reveals China’s quest to save the endangered giant panda and the remarkable release of a young panda into the wild.  OSF Creative Director and Executive Producer on the project, Caroline Hawkins, says, "They were doing amazing things for panda conservation, yet their story had not been told." She adds, “3D gives the footage an intimacy and reality that it wouldn’t otherwise have and makes the content totally immersive." Read more about the making of Pandas 3D: Back To The Wild from Hawkins here, as seen in Broadcast's in-Depth Behind the Scenes, including the crew in panda suits...

The special one-hour film is directed by Nicholas Brown and can be seen from Sunday 22 September at 8PM on Sky 3D and Nat Geo Wild (2D).

Watch the trailer here.

Photo courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films.