ONSIGHT helps show you How To Win The Grand National

04th April, 2013

Ahead of this year's Grand National on Saturday 6 April, Channel 4 is broadcasting a special programme on what it takes to win this ultimate challenge in horse racing - How To Win The Grand National.

Marc Evans explores what sets the winner apart from the rest, referring to both the jockeys' experiences and the biology of the horses.  Directed by Tom Mustill, this scientific look includes demonstrations, such as horses leaping over cars, while documenting the event's history.

In getting up close to the mechanics of the race, the RED Epic camera was used and provided by ONSIGHT's camera team.  Our package included Zeiss Super Speed lenses, accessories and support on the DIT services.  The job found us collaborating again with DoP Simon Reay and Oxford Scientific Films with Executive Producer Alice Keens-Soper.

How To Win The Grand National is on Friday 5 April at 8PM.  For a full programme synopsis, please the episode guide