ONSIGHT goes to 'Yonderland', Sky's new comedy from 10 November

04th November, 2013

Yonderland is the new original comedy series, premiering on Sky 1 HD from Sunday 10 November. The fantasy adventure is from the stars of Horrible Histories and involves a host of puppets.  Produced by Working Title TV, ONSIGHT supplied the camera package to meet the filming requirements.

The story begins with Debbie dropping her five year old twins off for their first day of school. For the first time in five long years, she has her days entirely to herself, and by the time she’s cleaned the house from top to bottom and become frighteningly addicted to a daytime quiz show, she starts to think she may be going mad.

And perhaps she is, as a wildly enthusiastic Elf appears from a kitchen cupboard, telling her that she is needed in another world, for she is their unlikely saviour, prophesied to save the world from the dark forces that are gathering to subdue it.

Debbie is convinced that there has been some kind of mistake, but nevertheless decides that whatever the Elf might need her to do can’t be any worse than watching another episode of ‘What’s in the Box?’, so she lets him drag her through a portal to the other world.

As she does her best to help incompetent knights, monks who are incapable of lying and a race of people intent on firing the cleverest amongst them into the sun, the question is: can she fulfil the prophecy, and will she make it back to the real world in time for the school pick up?

ONSIGHT worked closely with DoP Pete Edwards to supply the right package to capture the desired filmic look and varied shots, taking into consideration the special effects requirement. The Alexa was selected with a range of Angenieux Optimo zoom lenses, Zeiss Ultra Primes and accessories.  One of the production's Co-Producers, Pete Coogan commented, "It has been a tremendous production and an absolute delight to work with ONSIGHT; great service, terrific equipment and very friendly professional people - a winning combination!"

The eight-part series is on Sky 1 HD every Sunday night at 18.30 and concludes on 22 December.

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15. Yonderland (Sky1)

What we said: "Freed from the constraints of having to tell the historical truth, Yonderland is a big-hearted and very daft romp featuring a harassed multitasking mother, a sardonic elf and a curmudgeonly talking stick. It's basically what would happen if you threw Monty Python in a blender with Horrible Histories, The Mighty Boosh, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and then added a dollop of motherly good sense to the mix." Sarah Hughes