Nocturnal premiers at London BFI Film Festival

17th October, 2019

OnSight were delighted to provide full post production on this exciting new feature that had its European premiere screening at BFI's London Film Festival this month. Starring Cosmo Jarvis, Sadie Frost & Lauren Coe

This drama Directed by Nathalie Biancheri as her debut feature alongside producers Coco Marie Schnieder, Colin Michael Day, Chris Hees and David Tomlin. Michal Dymek as cinematographer and Adonis Cupples as editor with executive producers Sam Haillay, Alan McConnell, Assaf Mor.

16-year-old schoolgirl Laurie lives alone with her single mother. Something of an outsider, the aspiring athlete struggles to connect with the other girls on her track team, distancing herself with a quietly combative demeanour. But Laurie can’t deflect the attention of Pete, a handyman in his 30s performing some odd jobs at her school. After a couple of curt interactions, Laurie eventually agrees to hang out with her new admirer and almost immediately a connection is apparent. As they spend more time together, a unique bond grows, yet Pete’s intentions remain ambiguous. Until one day the truth emerges. Rife with simmering emotional tension, Nathalie Biancheri’s beautifully controlled character study boasts remarkably natural performances from Lauren Coe and Cosmo Jarvis, whose playful banter conceals something more serious lurking beneath the surface. 

With senior post producer Jeffery Halsey managing the project here at OnSight, alongside sound supervisor Andy Coles managing the sound post with senior colourist Andy Lee and online editor Adam Sample managing the grade and online.