Movie fame beckons for the 3D kings of the south

03rd February, 2011

The drama, romance and in-fighting in the world of king penguins is being brought to life in 3D.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Penguin Island 3D is set on the island of South Georgia. It will be made by the team behind the new documentary Flying Monsters 3D, which debuted on Christmas Day.

Penguin Island 3D will be shown on Sky and released in cinemas and giant-screen theatres around the world. It will offer intimate access to the lives of the birds as they endure the tribulations of life on the edge of Antarctica. Filming penguins in 3D is easier than other animals because they live close together and close to their young.

‘South Georgia is one of the most extraordinary and least appreciated places for wildlife in the world,’ said Sir David. ‘King penguins are particularly interesting because they are so big that the chicks can’t grow to adult size and strength to go to sea within a year. ‘The landscape and wildlife of South Georgia is very dramatic, and I think it will look absolutely mind-blowing.’ Sir David has made a number of landmark films including Life On Earth and The Blue Planet.

‘It’s no accident we picked penguins,’ said producer Anthony Geffin. ‘Penguins stand around and don’t mind what you do. There’s also the underwater filming which will look fantastic in 3D as well.’ It will be released at the end of next year.

This article was taken from The Metro.

On Sight stereoscopic production support.

ONSIGHT are supplying all of the 3D filming equipment for the project as well as on-location technical support. In another world first for ONSIGHT, they also built the worlds first bespoke compact 3D underwater housing for a beam splitter rig, allowing the crew to follow all the penguin action from the shore into the sea.