Restoration on The Arabs - Arabs A Living History 1979-1983 Series

11th January, 2020

The Arabs - A Living History, 1979-1983.

Michael McKinnon, Executive Producer to the captivating ten part ‘The Arabs’ Series for Channel 4, and PBS recently brought OnSight some re-grades from previous film masters for a final broadcast.

 “I’m a regular at OnSight and always so gratified by what Andy in sound and Maggie in vision grading can do, particularly with imperfect film archive and what are basically still camera filming material like the Canon EOS 4D Mark4 to generate shots that are just fine for wide screen viewing."

The Video Arts Production: The Arabs Series upgrade can  be viewed on our website www.mckinnonfilms.com. - Michael McKinnon, Executive Producer

Produced by Video Arts TV for Kufic Films between 1979 and 1983 each respective documentary was written and created as a stand alone piece, Their themes explore and underpin understanding of the modern Arab world

The ten one-hour documentaries explores Arab history, culture and society from within through the lives and opinions of Arabs at that time. Also assessing the changes that emerged as the Arab countries were drawn into a new political and economic order of the post colonial era. Changes that not only affected these countries but also the way in which they came to be viewed in Western society

OnSight is proud to have provided full post production on all 10 episodes of this engaging project. Originally broadcast in 1981, we re-graded, revised the audio mix and re-online edited with fresh captions, titles and subtitles. This work was completed by respected colourist Maggie Maciejczek-Potter providing re-grading and esteemed sound supervisor Andy Coles providing audio.