Me My Mouth and I

26th July, 2018

OnSight have been proud to provide full post production for the BBC Documentary Me My Mouth and I, This 60-minute film show’s insight into Thom, an artist and activist who also has Tourette's Syndrome. In this film, Jess takes us on a funny and unpredictable journey of discovery into one of Beckett's most complex plays and asks us to radically reconsider issues of disability, representation and social exclusion as she prepares to perform the role of Mouth in Not I, in front of a live theatre audience.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside The Sunshine Company, with Director Sophie Robinson, Amelia King as Assistant Producer and Reg Wrench as Editor, who’s thought-provoking film follows one woman’s exploration of neurodiversity in the arts through the work of Samuel Beckett from disabled performer Jess Thom's personal perspective.

Onsight’s team including Adam Sample as Online Editor, Andy Coles as Sound Supervisor and Andy Lee as Colourist have all provided their creative expertise and are proud to have worked on this powerful BBC Documentary. .

The film was first aired on Saturday 21st July 2018, on BBC 2, it is now available on BBC I Player. You can also go and watch Jess Thoms production of Not I which will be touring this autumn and next spring.