Me Myself and Di - Three Wise Monkeys

07th May, 2021

Using a mix of raw talent and familiar faces, Me, Myself and Di screams humour, heart and redemption that classic Brit comedies are famous for. 

The film follows the story of Janet and Diana from Bolton, who win the trip of a lifetime to Rhyl in the hope of finding love. Janet is convinced by her best friend to pretend to be the opposite of who she actually is. However, it’s only when she returns to being herself again that Janet gets closer to her ‘Happily Ever After’. 

Me, Myself and Di is a family film with characters that audiences can empathise and sympathise with in equal measure, a classic story of two opposites being thrown together and sparks flying as a result.

OnSight have been working closely with Three Wise Monkeys and provided full post production for the delivery of this great feature with Andy Lee creating the grade and Adam Sample as Online editor.

With an ensemble cast that includes Katy Clayton (Shameless), Larry Lamb (Gavin and Stacey) and Lucy Pinder (The Royals). Directed by Chris Green (Best Laid Plans), producers Trish Rybarczyk (Tango One), Sacha Bennett (Outside Bet) and writer Samantha Lloyd. 

‘Me Myself and Di has a great heartfelt feel to the whole film, I wanted to make the grade feel happy and colourful but retain the disheveled feel of a seaside resort. To achieve this look I created some custom film emulation LUTs. These together with a  light film grain applied on top created a look that not only was colourful but also slightly retro and suited the feel of the film’ - Andy Lee, Senior Colourist

‘Me Myself and Di has a great heartfelt feel to the whole film, I wanted to make the grade feel happy, bright and really focusing on the seaside town holiday look. It was a blast to work on a great british rom com! - Andy Lee, Senior Colourist 

The feature was brought to the Online as an AAF via Avid where it had been offlined. Overall it was a beautifully laid out timeline which indicated the offline editor was very thorough and diligent. The conform itself was very clear cut and no massive hiccups along the way.

There were very few VFX shots, mainly just a section that required a VHS camcorder effect. This was created in After Effects which gave it a very authentic feeling and made it slot into the film flawlessly. 

The online was fun as there were some bold choices of colourful fonts which made this bubbly comedy stand out from others of this same genre.

It really is a bright, energetic and entertaining fun film, definitely worth a watch this summer. Release date on the 4th June.