ONSIGHT is 'Marked' for Playhouse Presents' new film, starring Kiefer Sutherland

10th December, 2014

Marked is a new Christmas Special, part of the successful Playhouse Presents strand from Sky Arts. Produced by Sprout Pictures, ONSIGHT provided the post production.

After hosting the offline, involving Avid kit from our Edit Rental team, ONSIGHT continued with the online and grade. Senior Colourist Andy Lee created a unique filmic look, in discussing the approach with established DoP Rodney Charters who chose the Alexa and Anamorphic lenses.  Lee particularly emphasised the reds and greens to help evoke the festive feel.  As Dubbing Mixer, Andy Coles performed the sound design, final mix and layback.

The comedy drama stars Kiefer Sutherland as James, a seemingly regular guy who has hit crisis point. Having hidden his unemployment from his family, he is now drowning in debt, and so accepts an unlikely proposition - he agrees to assasinate his neighbour’s nemesis for cash. At the target’s house, James is confronted with the last person (Stephen Fry) he expects to see, and the story takes a turn.

Written and directed by Greg Ellis, Playhouse Presents: Marked airs Thursday 18 December at 10PM on Sky Arts 1/HD.

Watch an exclusive clip here from Sky Arts, showing Kiefer Sutherland and Stephen Fry behind the scenes.