Look out for Dark Shadows

09th May, 2012

Based on the cult TV series, Dark Shadows comes to the big screen this week on 11 May. ONSIGHT is excited about the release, especially having supported the VFX department.

Our camera team, conveniently located at Shepperton Studios, provided essential equipment and services for CGI, which included filming Johnny Depp and other leading cast.

Shot at Pinewood Studios, the production team built an extensive set to create the unique vision we have to come to expect from Director Tim Burton.

Situated in 1972 America, this comedy fantasy sees the return of Barnabus Collins, having been transformed into a vampire and confined to a tomb by the witch he rejected. Two centuries on and now freed, he must deal with his existing family troubles and supernatural obstacles to restore the Collins’ grand estate and name.

For more info, visit the movie's website here.