Leon Jean Marie P2 promo

07th April, 2008

Expert advice was what Bikini film director Andy Soup needed when he decided to use Panasonic’s P2 tapeless system for the first time, on a music video shoot for artist Leon Jean Marie.

“The concept was to get all the props and furniture in Leon’s studio to move in time to the music Fantasia-style, switching between locked off live action shots and stop frame animation, using P2’s ability to switch between individual frames and live action,” says Soup, who visited Onsight with several members of his production team to discuss the workings of the Panasonic HVX200 cameras, storage and inputting onto MacBook and editing on Final Cut Pro.

On Sight supplied five Panasonic HVX200s, P2 cards and the mini Pro 35 adapter to which Bikini attached a 35mm Zeiss super speed prime lens.

“The visit to On Sight was brilliant. They had a model set which we could animate to see P2 in action. They made that extra effort and had a plan of attack for us, understood the brief of what we were trying to do and gave us a demo – they had really got their heads around it.”