Kingdom of Plants is ready to bloom

24th May, 2012

Produced by Atlantic Productions for Sky 3D, Kingdom of Plants 3D With David Attenborough starts this Saturday, presented by the multi-award winning natural history broadcaster.

The ambitious project reveals the secret world of plants at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, over the course of a year. Shot by DoP Tim Cragg and directed by Martin Williams, the programme showcases plants’ amazing ability to adapt and survive throughout the changing seasons, in different and sometimes harsh environments.

ONSIGHT’s camera rental facilities supplied a wide range of equipment, including 3Ality Technica rigs and both ARRI ALEXA and RED Epic cameras. Chief Technical Officer, Richard Mills, oversaw the extensive camera formats - over 8 were used on the project. Photography techniques such as, macro, micro, infra-red and time-lapse were also heavily used to bring the world of plants to life in 3D.

On such a technically complicated project, planning was essential. The production team not only assembled a storyboard for pictorial purposes, but also used them for depth management. Shot mostly on location at Kew Gardens and natively in 3D, ONSIGHT provided a dailies service, allowing the DoP and Director to view real-time results during the shoot, saving valuable time.

A post production service for this major 3-part series was also provided by ONSIGHT at their London post facility. The team completed all aspects from conforming to technical and creative 3D finishing and colour grading, as well as providing 2D deliverables. There will also be a release for Giant Screen.

ONSIGHT was thrilled to be working with Atlantic Productions and David Attenborough again, following the success of Flying Monsters 3D. Anthony Geffen, Executive Producer and CEO of Atlantic Productions adds: “Having already worked together on two 3D films, David and I were keen to really push the technological boundaries in macro. So when the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew suggested working together to create a film, it seemed a perfect fit. With David’s passion for plants, and one of the largest botanical collections in the world in which to film, we were able to push the 3D technology to capture the lives of plants like never before.”

Kingdom of Plants 3D With David Attenborough starts at 6PM on Saturday 26 May on Sky 3D and Sky Atlantic HD for 3 consecutive weeks and the making of programme follows on 16 June on Sky Atlantic.

Watch one of the latest trailers here