Going tapeless: A P2 first

03rd September, 2007

Yoav Segal is a man on a mission. A fire has been lit beneath him ever since his Grandfather told him stories of fascism on the streets of East London in the Thirties and the heroic men and women that held their own against it.

The sting is that the stories were true and the man portrayed in the story was really his very own Grandad.

Yoav had already made a documentary about this piece of history – when Sir Oswald Mosley’s Black Shirts were given permission to walk through the mainly Jewish area of East London. But he realised that The Battle of Cable Street deserved a new storytelling vehicle.

An anti-fascist movement was roused to stop the march and Yoav’s short film brilliantly re-enacts the events with the help of real action, shot in high definition and hand drawn animation.

“We used the Panasonic HVX200 camera with the P2 cards, I think we must have been one of the first to shoot this way as when I tried to find a post house to help me out with the workflow I drew a blank! As a last resort I went to On Sight who didn’t seem to find this task a problem at all. I was so relieved that I nearly hugged them”.

On Sight commented: “Yoav came to us in October after he had shot a short film on P2 (probably one of the first). We took his files and played out to DigiBeta so that he could make an offline. We kept the P2 files on our system ready for an Online/Conform which took place a few weeks later. This was our first P2 job.

“We later tweaked the edit, added the audio (theatrical and TV mix) and mastered to HDCAM SR (we also helped out to make a few DVD screeners). Since then we have made a number of tapes (PAL, Digi, NTSC Digi and HDCAM) that have been sent over to the States to be entered into a number of festivals”.

Yoav comments on the help he got from On Sight: “I think they are the best kept secret in London”.