From 3D to 4D

26th March, 2010

ONSIGHT camera technicians have just returned back from Angola, after assisting Lunatus SL on their recent 3D shoot for the Angolan Government.

The Republic of Angola commissioned production company Lunatus SL to produce a 4D experience promoting Angolan businesses for the upcoming Shanghia Expo.

Lunatus chose 3D camera hire experts ONSIGHT to supply cameras and technicians. Panasonic HDX900E camcorders and a customised Calcutta 3D camera rig were hired for the 12 day shoot. Monitoring was taken care of by a Transvideo and a RED Rover through 3Di 3D monitor.

A wide selection of different shots were taken with the 3D rig, everyone a type of moving shot to emphasise the 3D content. As well as action shots using dolly and tracks, additional shots were taken from a moving boat, the roof of a 4 wheel drive Landcruiser and even from a Police helicopter.

The 8 minute finished 4D experience will be showcased at the Shanghia Expo this May. 4D experiences use 3D visuals with moving chairs to heighten the 3D experience. This project was the first 3D shoot to take place in Angola.