Flight of the Butterflies reaches ONSIGHT

10th July, 2012

The upcoming natural history film highlights the incredible migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to the mountainous areas of Mexico – the longest known insect migration on earth. Through extensive research and planning, the award-winning production team captured this annual cycle over a year-long period.

ONSIGHT is proud to be involved in this project, assisting with the stereoscopic finishing for Giant Screen/IMAX. With our extensive experience working in S3D and wildlife filmmaking, it is a great fit for our London based team. The Lab & Post department is also supporting the digital effects work.

Internationally co-produced and led by SK Films, the close-up look at these butterflies and other neighbouring critters is combined with the scientific detective story and dramatisation of Dr. Fred Urquart’s decades-long search for the winter home of the monarchs, which turned out to be Mexico.

Flight of the Butterflies in 3D will premiere in Autumn 2012 with additional releases to follow.

For further information, please visit the official website.