'First' place for ONSIGHT

30th August, 2012

With the great anticipation and success of London 2012, the team at ONSIGHT is thrilled to be involved in First, the Official Film of the XXXth Olympic Games.

The story focuses on the experiences of twelve international athletes, competing in the Olympics for the very first time.

First is written, produced and directed by Caroline Rowland, Founder and Creative Director of New Moon. The film is independently financed but is supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG).

ONSIGHT’s camera department has been working closely with Production, supplying a number of ARRI Alexa packages. The shoot has included days abroad to capture the competitors in their home countries and numerous highlights of the 2012 Olympic Games back in the UK. Now at the post production stage, ONSIGHT’s support continues, comprising of online and finishing at our Soho facility.

The young Olympians include, Kenyan 800-metre runner David Rudisha, Team GB’s Velodrome cyclist Laura Trott, Brazilian swimmer Bruno Fratus, US gymnast John Orozco, Chinese diver Qiu Bo and Aussie BMX rider Caroline Buchanan. Caroline Rowland explains, “The narrative allows each of them to emerge as modern day superheroes, demonstrating the full breadth of the experience of being an Olympian - win, lose or draw.”

Due for release at cinemas in November 2012, this feature is destined to be both an entertaining and inspirational legacy of the London Games.

You can also visit www.facebook.com/OlympicsFilm and @OlympicsFilm on Twitter.

More info to come. See the trailer here, as published on 8 November.