First UK rental firms get Alexa

29th June, 2010

ONSIGHT have been unveiled as one of four UK kit rental companies to take delivery of Arri’s new Alexa digital film camera.

The Super 35mm format CMOS sensor-based camera, which started shipping this month, offers a 3.5k pixel count that provides for both HD (1920x1080) and 2K DI working.

It costs around £40,000 and shoots directly to native Final Cut Pro codecs ProRes 422 and ProRes 4444.

According to Arri business development manager Milan Krsljanin, the number of enquiries for Alexa has ‘gone through the roof’ since NAB. “If we had 500 cameras in the UK, I am sure they would all be in use,” he said.

According to Arri, production ramp-up of the new camera is now underway and initial delivery priority is being given to customers who purchased the D-21 camera following Alexa’s intial unveiling at IBC2009.

Walter Trauninger, general manager for Arri’s camera and DIS business unit, said: “Demand for Alexa has been unprecedented and consequently we have been working hard to significantly increase our manufacturing capacity in Munich to deliver as many cameras as possible, as soon as possible, but without compromising quality. We still anticipate that it will take a short while to clear the current order backlog, but the wait will be worth it.”

www.broadcastnow.co.uk Will Strauss