Existence - The true story of how an ordinary Chinese boy became a superstar

01st September, 2017

Existence tells the story of how Chinese pop star Wang Feng rose to the top of the Chinese musical charts and became a pop-rock sensation in his home country. His 2009 album Belief Flies in the Wind won him an award as the Most Popular Male Singer on the Chinese Mainland.

The director, Maxwell Sanderson, met the Chinese musician three years ago when Sanderson’s team was hired by Wang to record his 2014 concert tour. Wang and Sanderson discussed the idea for Existence after seeing all the extra footage the director had shot while spending time with the Chinese rock star.

Onsight did the full post of Offline, Online, Sound, 4K Grade and Delivery. Colourist Max Horton worked with SLA Productions on the 4K grade and Andy Coles delivered the 5.1 surround sound mix.

The film had its exclusive début on the Chinese video website iQiyi.com on Tuesday, the 15th of August. A month after being released, Existence has already been streamed more than 24 million times.

"We would like to say a special thank you to Onsight CEO, Simon Craddock and his team for the incredible work they did. After 3 years of working on this feature, we were able to bring our work to Onsight and see it handled professionally. At their central London facility, Onsight provided processing and storage of all the footage, editing rooms, sound mixing and colour grading. The whole operation was seamless." - Tom Sanderson