Edit Rental is on The Agenda with Tom Bradby

23rd April, 2012

New eight-part series The Agenda focuses on current affairs in front of a studio audience. ITV News’ Political Editor Tom Bradby, also well known as their Royal Correspondent, hosts the weekly programme with a panel of guests.

Produced by ITN Productions, our rental facilities have been providing critical editing equipment for compliance purposes.

Every Monday one of our Engineers installs an Avid MCO DX system, as well as a legaliser, HD waveform monitor and other accessories at The Hospital Club’s TV studio in central London. The Avid system delivers a quick edit and turn around for broadcast, overlooked by the production team managing the content. Our Engineer is there to offer technical support throughout.

ITN approached ONSIGHT for a cost effective but reliable solution with no space for error.

The Agenda can be seen on ITV 1 every Monday from 27 February 2012.  Tom Bradby said: “If the issue - be it political, societal, cultural or historical - is in the news and on the agenda, you would expect to see it debated here. We will aim to provide more light than heat, but we won't duck controversy, nor take ourselves too seriously.”  Guests involved have ranged from Boris Johnson, Ed Milliband to Joanna Trollope and Mariella Frostrup.