Earth: One Amazing Day coming to a cinema near you

06th September, 2017

Earth: One Amazing Day celebrates our planet for all its wonders, beauty and dangers. Over the course of one day, the film follows the lives of different animal species, starting with the sun rising over the mountains and visiting different locations until the sun sets on a remote island. The film highlights how every day on Earth is filled with more amazing events than we can possibly imagine.

Capturing nature and its inhabitants in their natural habitats, Earth: One Amazing Day uses the perfect combination of storytelling and cutting-edge technology. The film uses 4k resolution, creating sharp and visually stunning imagery that makes a trip to the cinema the best option to see the film. The feature film is the long awaited sequel to the viral sensation Earth and will be available to audiences across the UK and Ireland on Friday 20 October. The film is also set to be released in the U.S. on October 6.

Being the first co-production between BBC Earth Films and a Chinese production company (Shangai Media Group), Earth: One Amazing Day is available in two different languages. In the English release of the film, the story is narrated by Robert Redford, the acclaimed Oscar-winner filmmaker, and actor. The version of the film made especially for the Chinese market is narrated by actor and martial artist Jackie Chan. The film has already premiered in China, where it has been seen by more than 1 million cinema-goers in less than two weeks.

Working closely with BBC Earth Films, Onsight did the online post production for the film and provided 4K HDR/ Dolby Vision colour grading and delivery services. Colourist Max Horton worked on the film’s 4K colour grading.

"Onsight were an essential partner in the creation of “Earth: One Amazing Day” and we couldn’t have done it without them. Their attention to detail and capability combined with a super collaborative approach means we get the best on every level. Great facility, great team, great experience!" - Myles Connolly, Supervising Producer, Earth: One Amazing Day