Chinese Opera Jinzi hits theatres all over China

12th October, 2017

  Jinzi is a prestigious modern Sichuan Opera that is considered to be one of the best Operas in China. DearHeart Productions was commissioned by the Chongqing Chuanju Theatre to shoot a film version of the opera in 4K/UHD with 5.1 audio, supervised by executive Producers Claire Evans & Vaughn Mullady, with the intent of releasing the film in cinemas around China.

  The Opera tells the story of Huzi, a man that lived in the early years of the Republic of China. Huzi is framed by Jiao Yanwang, a man who had murdered someone for money. Jinzi, Huzi’s lover, is forced to marry Jiao Daxing, Jiao Yanwang’s son, and is tortured by Jiao Daxing’s mother. A decade later, when Huzi escapes from prison and decides to get revenge, drama ensues.

  Three complete public performances were recorded, with eight cameras at the Chongqing Chuanju Theatre, with additional scenes specially staged to enable a camera crane to be used. A comprehensive multi-track audio recording was made on location and the opera was subtitled live, at the same time it was being sung in Chinese.

  Once back in London, the offline edit was done here at OnSight. The OnSight team did the full 4k conform and provided a 4k DCP. OnSight’s Maggie Maciejczek-Potter was responsible for the Online edit and senior colourist Andy Lee worked in conjunction with Jinzi’s lighting director to achieve a 4K grade that makes the most out of the atmospheric feel of the show’s stage lights.

  "OnSight took us through the 4K post experience with delightful ease, it's an experience that we would highly recommend and look forward to repeating!"

  Vaughn Mullady, Executive Producer DearHeart Productions