Capturing the Royal Wedding on ALEXA in 3D

17th May, 2011

ONSIGHT chosen by Sky to help capture the Royal Wedding in 3D: Facilities company ONSIGHT supplied filming equipment and technical crew to assist BSkyB in capturing the Royal wedding in 3D.

In specially selected locations, ONSIGHT installed camera rigs to capture one of the most significant events ever witnessed on the capital's streets for future generations to experience.

Due to the historical significance of this event the decision was made to record all the images at the highest possible quality, ensuring the footage can be used as a valuable archive in years to come. ONSIGHT supplied camera kit configured with Element Technica Quasar rigs, Arri ALEXA cameras and Angenieux Optimo DP 3D ready 16-42 and 30-80 matched lenses. In addition the company also supplied a 3D stills rig to capture a time-lapse sequence spanning the day.

'It was a challenging project by nature of the importance and large numbers of public in attendance, this called for very accurate logistical planning.

We only had three camera positions so needed to maximise the 3D shots we would get from these. The choice of equipment was based on reliability and quality (it was obviously important to have a good archive as 'future proofed' as possible.) ONSIGHT did a great job of providing the equipment and staff necessary to achieve this and were involved early in the planning stages. A test and set up day were managed by ONSIGHT to ensure that everything was working as efficiently as possible.

All shots were planned carefully by the 3D team at Sky to achieve the best available 3D depths and footage from this historic event'.

Robin Broomfield, 3D Operations and Development Manager