Bruno at Galway Film Fleadh

10th July, 2019

Premiering at Galway Film Fleadh comes a heartfelt story of a lost boy and a homeless man go on a search for a missing dog in an emotionally rich and intense drama set over two days on the streets of London, from the Director of The Honeymooners and Weekender,

Onsight thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the fantastic Angry Bear production team for Bruno, with Karl Golden as director, Katie Hodgkin as producer, Martin Brinkler as editor and Jalaludin Trautmann as Director of Photography.  This heartfelt story follows Daniel (played by Diarmaid Murtagh) a man whom suffered great loss before leaving his normal life. Living in the shadows and surviving on the margins has taken its toll. He desperately wants to find a way back to his former self, however, guilt and shame are insurmountable obstacles. 

OnSight provided full picture post production, with the process managed by post producer Joana Coelho, and colour grade with Andy Lee our senior colourist and online and delivery with our online editor Adam Sample. 

DANIEL is a man without a home. Following a tragedy, he left his wife and drifted into life on the street. His sole companion is a dog called BRUNO. After Daniel is assaulted one night, Bruno goes missing, as Daniel searches for him, he finds IZZY, a boy who has run away from home. 

Over a single day and night, Daniel and Izzy search the streets of London for Bruno. Forming an emotional bond in the face of danger. Each step of their journey taking them closer to home and offering the possibility of redemption.

This strong story comes to life due to principle cast Diarmaid Murtagh (Vikings), Woody Norman, Scarlett Alice Johnson (Call the Midwife), Seun Shote (Black Mirror) in aiding the deliverance of this powerful message.