Borneo Shoot for 3D Flight Film

12th May, 2014

Kit List Red Epics, Phantom Flex4K, Element Technica and PS Freestyle rigs, Octocopter

Atlantic's 3D production arm Colossus (Galapagos in 3D, pictured) has continued its partnership with facilities company ONSIGHT on David Attenborough's latest 3D special Conquest of the Skies.  The 11-month shoot for Sky and IMAX, which investigates the evolution of flight in insects and birds, started at the end of last year and has been in Borneo with ONSIGHT's Red Epics shooting in 5K paired with Element Technica Atom and PS Freestyle rigs.  High speed camera work has been with Phantom Flex4K cameras.

ONSIGHT has also been working with wildlife cameraman Peter Parks to develop a macro 3D set up called the 'Single Rig' to create difficult macro shots of Attenborough walking from distance, parting the undergrowth and picking up an insect. ONSIGHT has also been collaborating with Digital Cinema Films on an Epic, Nikon field lens, Octocopter UAV and gimbal set up with a combined weight of 20lbs - extending shooting time to five minutes in the air for forest canopy and insect POV shots.  Other innovations include a PS Freestyle cradle that has enabled cameras to be suspended from a rope 200ft down a cliff over the mouth of a cave for shots of David Attenborough presenting as thousands of bats stream out.


As published in Hire Cameras, Televisual issue 05/14