Beyond the Beach : The Hell and The Hope - Screens at Venice film festival

03rd September, 2019

​Beyond the Beach: The Hell and The Hope screens at La Biennale di Venezia 76th Venice Film Festival.

This 2019 documentary, Beyond the Beach:The Hell and The Hope, shows the impressive work done by volunteers for the Italian Emergency NGO. Directors Graeme Scott and Buddy Squires were given access to film the hard work of the medical staff who “couldn’t do nothing knowing they could do something”. Filmed in Libya, Iraq and Kabul to name a few, this important and touching documentary exposes the worst humanity can inflict as well as highlighting the hardworking struggle in order to save the people affected.

Working with exec Producer Kathy A Loprimo and production co-ordinator Hebe Cockcroft & Dover Street Entertainment, OnSight contributed to the Post Production of this touching film, with our audio specialist Andy Coles mixing the sound, Colourist Maggie Maciejczek-Potter grading and Jeff Halsey overseeing as Post Producer. We wish it luck during it’s screening time at Biennale Venice Film Festival.