Bear Grylls hits our screens with a new show & look

19th January, 2012

Bear Grylls has returned to our screens with a new set of adventures, produced by Dragonfly Productions for Channel 4.

Bear’s Wild Weekends sees him not only challenge himself, the crew and not forgetting the kit, but also two well-known celebrities.

Aired over the festive season, Bear Grylls takes Jonathan Ross to the volcanic island of La Palma, where Europe’s only rainforest exists. Episode 2 shows Miranda Hart in a world of mountains and glaciers in none other than the Swiss Alps. Under Bear Gryll’s bold and expert guidance, it’s an intense and entertaining watch.

Having provided cameras for the extreme survival series, Bear Grylls’ Born Survivor/Man vs. Wild, it was a great opportunity for ONSIGHT to support this latest project.

With the new series, came a new look. Filming digitally on 35mm, we supplied the popular Sony PMW-F3s with the S-Log upgrade. The F3’s compact design is ideal, particularly for shooting on location and we added the Easyrig to ensure mobility and stability over the diverse landscapes. The S-Log feature allows increased latitude for the surrounding contrasts, such as the change to light on entering a cave. Optimo DP zoom lenses were also provided, varying between 16-42mm and 30-80mm, for that flexibility in capturing those once in a lifetime experiences. Such extreme conditions certainly make for a valuable shooting experience. We hear the production team, including DoP/Camera Operator Rob Llewellyn, had the right camera and the right lens for the job.

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Photo via Televisual of Bear Grylls' Born Survivor/Man Vs. Wild series - Arctic Circle