All aboard for Black Ice

19th September, 2008

'Rock n Roll Train' is the first single taken from 'Black Ice', Acca Dacca's first new album in eight years. 

Serpent Productions were chosen to produce the video, which consisted of a multi-camera shoot using 6 RED cameras, with a variety of 35mm prime and zoom lenses. 

It's not just the capturing the action that proved to be a challenge though as the post production turn around had to go from shoot to approval in just one week. That week entailed offline, render to film-resolution dpx sequence for the post-effects treatment, compositing of a greenscreen as well as a grade. An additional complication lay in the fact that Director David Mallet wished to offline on his favourite Lightworks Alacrity system. Although it currently does not support RED, On Sight's tapeless HD SAFE service has no problem re-formatting files for any system.

On Sight’s Richard Mills worked closely on location with Senior Camera Operator, Barrie Dodd and DP, Alex Gurdon to ensure camera settings that would get the best out of Chris Chesney’s set. With repeated takes and fast turnaround required, a military-style operation for data management and back-up on set was implemented and overseen by On Sight's Post Production Engineer Rik Tester.

Location management was not the only service that On Sight provided for the promo. Along with the workflow & planning, On Sight also took care of media transfer rushes, dailies & back-up and the post-production preparation.

David Mallet and AC/DC were delighted with the end result as their required look was achieved. The high quality of the images and faithful colour reproduction combined with wide exposure latitude ensured that exactly the right amount of detail was captured. Highlights were preserved in a very high-key lighting design, without losing either the atmosphere or contrast and the post workflow was seamless - running exactly as planned.