1 Beyond: Mini DDR & Super Wrangler complement ONSIGHT's 3D hire fleet

07th September, 2010

ONSIGHT's Camera Rental team are hiring 1 Beyond products to complement a range of 3D camera hire packages, such as the Arri Alexa, Red One and SI-2K.

The 1 Beyond Mini DDR is designed to work in conjunction with SI-2K cameras. This compact unit is capable of recording both 2D and 3D in RAW or interleaved formats. It has a very bright screen with touch-screen interface and a separate HDSDI monitoring output. Recording is to 256GB removable SSD magazines, giving up to 2 hours of recording time.

The 1 Beyond Super Wrangler is a rugged multi-purpose platform primarily used for location data management and on-set review and re-purposing. Capable of extremely fast verified transfer via eSATA or SAS interfaces of rushes to internal or external RAID and LTO tape. RED, Phantom, SI-2K rushes in both 2D and 3D can be graded, aligned and reviewed using IRIDAS Framecycler.

The Super Wrangler is the ideal partner for the Mini DDR with more information on both products available at www.1beyond.com. Alternatively call the HD camera rental team at ONSIGHT on 020 7637 0888.