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Kingdom of Plants 3D coming soonDate: 14th March, 2012

Kingdom of Plants 3D takes an intriguing look at the secret lives of plants. This new major 3-part series, as previously announced by Atlantic Productions and Sky 3D, will be broadcasted in May 2012. ONSIGHT is delighted to have been working with both companies on a third project, presented again by Sir David Attenborough.


Filmed over a year at London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, ONSIGHT’s rental facilities provided cutting-edge technology, including 3D time-lapse and macro photography. The project was later passed to ONSIGHT’s Lab & Post team for stereoscopic finishing.


Anthony Geffen, Executive Producer and CEO of Atlantic Productions adds: “Having already worked together on two 3D films, David and I were keen to really push the technological boundaries in macro. So when the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew suggested working together to create a film, it seemed a perfect fit. With David’s passion for plants, and one of the largest botanical collections in the world in which to film, we were able to push the 3D technology to capture the lives of plants like never before.”


John Cassy, Director, Sky 3D, comments: “The combination of ground-breaking technology, high quality production, fascinating subject matter and captivating narrative from the master story teller himself ensures that KINGDOM OF PLANTS 3D is at once an immersive, compelling and truly breath-taking viewing experience which we’re thrilled to offer exclusively to Sky customers.”


Kingdom of Plants 3D will be showing on Sky 3D and simulcast in 2D on Sky Atlantic HD.  Watch the trailer below.



Programme synopsis:


Around 2 million people visit Kew Gardens every year, but they only catch a tiny fraction of the true beauty and marvel of its 30,000 different types of plants. Entering the strangely slow world of plant time, Attenborough explores how plants cleverly adapt to the changing seasons, including the explosive drama of seed dispersal and the bursts of colour as they bloom. Three episodes focus on the world-famous gardens’ different climate zones, exploring plants which thrive in cool temperatures, warm arid areas and the rainforests and mangrove swamps of the wet tropics. Wherever they live, they employ extraordinary strategies for survival. Here, time lapse unearths their surprising change over months and years, in a stunning look at why a plant’s private life is one of constant adaptation and struggle.


Photo by Tim Cragg & copyright Atlantic Productions.


More info to come.

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