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New Atom Rig and Epic Cameras are Added To our FleetDate: 21st July, 2011

With technology innovation always in mind, our camera team has developed a lightweight high resolution Stereo 3D shooting package.  The solution uses a combination of the new Element Technica Atom rig and Epic cameras from RED Digital Cinema, which we have recently received.


Although the size of a rig can be an issue at times, this fusion takes advantage of the small form factor of the Epic and still allows for full-sized PL mounted lenses.  The result is a 5K-3D setup offering superior resolution than comparative systems, whilst weighing as little as some 35mm camera packages.


As usual, we have built and tested the entire workflow to ensure a smooth end-to-end solution through our post department.

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On 1st August, 2011 at 07:22 Tommy said:
Thank you so much for this artilce, it saved me time!

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