2nd May, 2014

ONSIGHT buys two Digital Vision panels for its Mistikas

ONSIGHT has ordered two Digital Vision Precision Panels for its SGO Mistika grading and finishing suites, following the announcement at NAB 2014 that Digital Vision’s Precision Panels were being made available for the Mistika system.


The high-end panels will enable ONSIGHT increased flexibility for finishing 4K, 3D and HD productions and will be installed at ONSIGHT’s new WC2 premises by St Martins Lane.


“The ONSIGHT team quickly recognised the Precision Panels will complement our existing Mistika offering and the skills of our creative,” says Simon Craddock, CEO of ONSIGHT.


“Mistika already plays a major role in ONSIGHT's production pipeline – their decision to order the Precision Panels to enhance their Mistika suites is an indication of their commitment to SGO, as they expand and continue to provide cutting-edge post production services for their clients," adds Geoff Mills, director of SGO's Global Sales and Operations.


ONSIGHT’s recent credits include Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front in 4K (pictured), David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D.


By Jake Bikerton


Televisual 01/05/14