10th October, 2013

UK feature The Patrol named Film of the Raindance Festival

UK feature The Patrol was named Film of the Festival at this year's Raindance Festival.


The Patrol is written and directed by Tom Petch, telling the story of the conflict in Afghanistan from the perspective of a British army patrol in 2006/7. The drama is the first British feature film to tackle this subject. Petch drew on his military experience for the film, which debuted at Raindance in London last week.


Shot in the harsh environment of the Moroccan desert, DoP Stuart Bentley worked closely with Onsight’s camera department to obtain the best equipment for the challenging conditions. The production used the Arri Alexa for its filmic look and versatility, combined with Optimo zoom lenses.


Back in the UK, Onsight team provided a pipeline for the full picture post. This involved the edit, grade, online and deliverables from the company’s Soho facility. Colourist Andy Lee graded the feature, using Mistika, and ensured the look was kept as real as possible. Lee says: “Although the desert provided a muted colour palette, we worked hard to apply saturation in the right places, for example, to the soldiers’ faces in order to evoke the feeling of intense heat to the viewer.” The team achieved a natural look, complementing the poignant mood conveyed through the eyes of this army patrol.


Produced by Tom Petch and Tom Stuart, The Patrol is an AFG production.


Televisual - News by Pippa Considine 09/10/13