5th July, 2012

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Hot 100 2012




No. 7

Andy Lee, Colourist, ONSIGHT

Credits include Kingdom of Plants 3D With David Attenborough, The Bachelor King 3D

Over the course of a year, director of photography Tim Cragg and director Martin Williams captured the secret world of plants at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew.  As well as supplying cameras and equipment, ONSIGHT provided post production services, from conforming to technical and creative 3D finishing and colour grading, which was carried out by colourist and Mistika 3D finishing system operator Andy Lee.  Critics were impressed by the finished product, decsribing the 3D as "spectacular" and "some of the most fetching use of 3D technology since Avatar". Lee's credits also include Madam Butterfly 3D and Red Dwarf X, which TXs in the autumn.