14th March, 2011

On Sight adds Mistika Live

Production services company On Sight has added Mistika Live to its technical inventory which already includes two Mistika 4K suites. Mistika Live, a new development from Spanish vendor SGO, enables stereoscopic and colour correction tools to be taken on-set, for pre-vis and preliminary post production settings, or to be used in a live setting. Taking a stereo feed from dual HD-SDI inputs, Mistika Live makes geometry adjustments to match the stereo camera line-up. It also allows simple convergence shifts, which are normally corrected in the post production phase, to happen live on-set, making shots easier to evaluate at the time.


The product further allows for additional colour corrections, with or without the use of a Look Up Table to transform the cameras' outputs. The feeds to Mistika Live and its corrections can be maintained as HD MPEG4 dailies. These can either be used for reference, or edited together on the Mistika Live timeline before exporting to Mistika for finishing.


On Sight CEO Simon Craddock, said: “Mistika Live is a must-have for production workflows, as it not only enables the director to analyse and fix all the stereoscopic 3D details, which include disparities and alignments in realtime, but also tests and prepares footage for post.”


On Sight has recently worked stereo 3D documentary Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough for Sky 3D, produced by Atlantic Productions.


TVBEurope 13/03/2011