16th July, 2003

On Sight chooses Eyeheight LegalEyes

On Sight, London’s market-leading digital hire company, has ordered three Eyeheight legalisers for inclusion with Avid online edit workstations. Each LegalEyes is housed in a 1U Eyeheight Mini-Box fitted with horizontal spacers to extend its chassis size from half to full rack width. On Sight has incorporated the units in 6U flight cases together with additional workstation support equipment.

On Sight’s technical resources manager, Ray Barnard, explains: "LegalEyes enables programme producers and editors to prevent video signal levels exceeding internationally agreed standards for RGB colour space and luminance. Designed to match EBU specification R103-2000, it employs full 10 bit signal processing of the 270 megabit/s SDI input signal. It is compact, cost-efficient, and provides exactly the controls that an Avid online editor requires."


The version of Legalise chosen by On Sight incorporates front-panel pushbutton selection of 100 per cent (1 volt peak-to-peak), 103 per cent and 105 per cent maximum signal level plus a bypass setting. The standard model available from Eyeheight has eight user-memory settings enabling control of clipping and soft-clip level, luma and chroma gain and black level. A one-touch R103-2000 setting optimises the gamut specifically to the EBU recommendation.


Two independent legalised SDI outputs are provided. LegalEyes also allows EDH signal re-insertion. An input loop output additional to the legalised output can optionally be configured as a third legal output.


Established in 1989 by Colin Reynolds and Simon Craddock, previously with Trilion and Visions, On Sight (www.onsight.co.uk) is based in Berners Street, Soho. In 1999 it became the first UK hire company to offer high definition equipment.


Eyeheight news 16/07/03