9th February, 2010

Cinedeck Defines New Category

Cinedeck today announced the debut of the world's first camera-mountable, HDMI/HDSDI recording, monitoring, playback and editing device for the production community.

Designed by cinematographers for cinematographers, Cinedeck defines an entirely new category of extremely portable, affordable, platform agnostic, cinema-grade recording and monitoring solutions for anyone with an HDMI or HDSDI camera.


"Cinedeck was born from years of experience in the field, lugging so-called portable and very expensive tape and direct-to-disk solutions through the Panamanian rain forests, Turkish deserts, and on the back of jeeps hurtling down pot-holed roads of Kazakhstan - we finally said, this is ridiculous- we can do better," said Charles d'Autremont, founder and creator of Cinedeck. "Cinedeck is a cinematographers dream-come-true, because it was conceived and developed by working Cinematographers. We decided to create a new standard for portability, quality and reliability, and most of all, to make it affordable and accessible to everyone."


Richard Mills, Head of Engineering for On Sight, a one-stop production, post production and distribution services firm based in the UK, had this to say about Cinedeck: "We've earned a reputation throughout Europe, not only for our creative approach to our clients' needs, but to also bringing highly innovative, efficient technology solutions to a creative project. cinedeck is the neatest solution we've seen so far for rugged, highly versatile production. It's an excellent solution!"

Cinedeck NYK press release