19th June, 2008

First UK order for the Sony PDW-700 camera

At the top end of the XDCAM HD range is the PDW-700, Sony's new XDCAM HD422 camera aimed at high-end productions such as drama and documentary. The sub £18,500 camera is shipping now and can record in both 1080 interlace or 1080/720 progressive HD formats, using 4:2:2 compression.


the PDW-700 features a 3.5-inch colour LCD similar to that on Sony's XDCAM EX cameras. Capable of file-based recording of high def images at up to 50Mbps onto 50GB Dual Layer Professional Discs, the camera has three 2/3-inch progressive sensors, each with full 1920 x 1080 high def resolution. The 50GB Dual Layer Professional Disks provide around 95 minutes of high def recording time at 50 Mbps, 150 at 35 Mbps and 200 minutes at 25 Mbps.


Kit hire facility On Sight placed the first order in the UK for the PDW-700 and recently took delivery of the enw camera. Before releasing it into its hire fleet, On Sight undertook two weeks of testing with the first production models of the PDW-700. richard Mills, head of engineering at On Sight said: "We have been impressed by the camera's performance. Our clients turn to us for advice and support when there are innovations in the market such as XDCAM HD422." Mills adds that, "The PDW-700 combines the advantages of the proven XDCAM HD workflow, with its proxy editing, instant file access and fast data transfer rates with the high quality of the enw XDCAM HD422 50 Mbps recording format."


HD in production supplement, Televisual June 2008