On Sight

Stereoscopic 3D

“We have worked closely with ONSIGHT to provide the perfect tool for their needs.”
Geoff Mills, SGO UK

Whether it’s a natural history series, a feature film or live event, we can help you get the most out of 3D.


At ONSIGHT, we make 3D simple for our clients.  Since it re-emerged around 2008, we've explored the challenges and invested in the solutions to create BAFTA award-winning stereoscopic 3D for film and television.  With the right subject and story, this format really can enhance the viewer experience.  


Our 3D services also include workflow design, working in a real-time environment and cinema mastering - even for the most demanding projects.

Services Include:

3D dailies, with colour and stereo treatment
Offline file prep

3D editing

2D-to-3D conversion services 

Stereoscopic VFX correction
3D DI and mastering

Digital remastering for 35mm and 15/70
3D TV and feature deliverables 

3D projection and viewing  



For 3D, call ONSIGHT's Post team now on 020 7637 0888.