On Sight


Based in central London, our team of creatives, technical experts and Post Producers are important to us.  Meet some of them here.


Tony Maher Head of Development

Since joining the team in 1997, Tony has been integral to the growing areas of ONSIGHT particularly in Post Production of Features and S3D projects. Graduating from Facility Manager and Senior Producer, Tony now oversees new business at ONSIGHT and initiating projects from shoot to delivery, relishing the more technically challenging projects.

Rik Tester Head of Operations

Rik oversees technical operations and best practice at ONSIGHT's post facility in central London. He is "the quality guardian", consulting with clients, ONSIGHT's creatives and the company as a whole to deliver projects to the highest standards in HD, 2K cinema, 3D, 4K/giant screen and now VR.

David Wilde Operations Manager
Andy Lee Senior Colourist

Following technical roles within post, Andy was drawn to grading at ONSIGHT. He has been working as a Colourist for several years on award-winning documentaries, features, shorts, high profile television dramas and concert films. By embracing challenges, such as 4K and 3D, he has formed relationships with a number of clients who consistently return. 


Selected credits:

Dogs Might Fly - documentary series - Oxford Scientific Films

Le Mans (working title & 3D) - documentary feature - New Black Films

Building Jerusalem - documentary feature - New Black Films

Stones - feature - Donroy Independent Films

Tiny Giants 3D - giant screen feature - BBC Earth

Playhouse Presents: King For A Term - drama - Sprout Pictures

EARTH A New Wild - documentary series - Passion Planet

David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies (3D) - doco series - Colossus Productions 

Ernestine & Kit - short - Dir. Simon Bird

Peter Gabriel's Back to Front (4K) - concert feature - Done & Dusted/Real World/Eagle Rock

Red Dwarf X - comedy series - Grant Naylor Productions

Max Horton Senior Colourist

Max is a renowned Colourist in London with over 25 years in the business. He has graded many feature films for the likes of Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures as well as high end television dramas, music videos and commercials. His appetite for creativity and new technology complements ONSIGHT’s innovative work in HD, 2K , 3D and 4K.


Selected credits:

Legacy: The 2015 Rugby World Cup - ITV documentary - Finite Films

FlySpy (2D & 360 VR) - short - Flat Cap Films 

Jonas Kaufmann: An Evening with Puccini - concert feature - Arts Alliance

In the Heart of the Sea - feature - Warner Bros.

Elvis Costello: Detour Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall - concert feature - Eagle Rock

Shaun The Sheep Movie - feature - Aardman Animation

Alley Cats - feature - Elephant Gun Films

Hot Property - feature - Fortune Films

AC/DC: Rock or Bust - promo - Serpent Productions/Dir. David Mallet

Gravity - feature - Warner Bros.

Matt Pamplin Colourist & Online Editor

Matt has moved up the ladder at ONSIGHT to develop his experience in editing and new applications. It was only a matter of time before he also turned to grading. Matt works on a range of factual and light entertainment productions for television and is increasingly asked by name for features and shorts.


Selected credits:

The Amazing World of Gumball - cartoon series - Turner Broadcasting

Two Down - feature - Fizz and Ginger Films

Healer - feature - New Black Films

Elvis Costello: Detour Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall - concert feature - Eagle Rock

The Making of David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies - documentary - Colossus Productions

Football Fight Club - documentary - Victory Television

The Queen's Garden - documentary series - OSF

Dexys: Nowhere is Home - documentary feature - Heavenly Films

EARTH A New Wild - documentary - Passion Planet

Red Dwarf X: We’re Smegged - documentary - Grant Naylor Productions

Maggie Maciejczek Colourist & Online Editor

Maggie started in the industry ten years ago and has held several varying roles over the years before coming to Onsight. In that time she started as a Digital Technician working her way up to becoming a Technical Manager before turning to Online Editing and Grading. Maggie has been been an Online editor and Colourist for four years now, specialising in Trailers and TV spots, while keeping a keen eye on all technical advances in the industry.

Maggie has worked on projects here at Onsight such as Gumball, Arcade Fire and Where the Wind Blew (Feature Documentary).

Andy Coles Sound Designer, Editor & Mixer

Andy is a sound designer, sound editor and mixer with over 20 years of experience in audio. He began his professional career in the music industry.  His long standing relationship with ONSIGHT has led him to expand this area of work with various high profile concert films. Andy's experience also includes creating soundtracks for major advertising brands and dub mixing recognised feature and TV drama projects.


Selected credits:

Dogs Might Fly - documentary series - Oxford Scientific Films

Building Jerusalem - documentary feature - New Black Films

Girls Can Code - documentary series - Nutshell TV

Healer - feature - New Black Films

Playhouse Presents: King For A Term - drama - Sprout Pictures

Jaguar XE Launch Reveal (4K) - promo - TVC Group

AC/DC: Rock or Bust - promo - Serpent Productions/Dir. David Mallet

Al Murray's Great British War Movies - doco - Liberty Bell

Breakfast With Jonny Wilkinson - feature - Breakfast Films Ltd

Monty Python Live (Mostly) One Down, Five To Go - feature - Hipgnosis for Eagle Rock Entertainment

Jeff Halsey Post Producer
Laura Smith Development Producer