On Sight

Key People

Simon Craddock CEO

Simon founded ONSIGHT just over 25 years ago and has been working at the leading edge of technology for his entire career. Having purchased Axis Films in 2008, he has led the way in digital acquisition and has helped pioneer live action and post production in the UK for HD, 3D, 4K and now VR.

Rik Tester Head of Operations

Rik oversees technical operations and best practice at ONSIGHT's post facility in central London. He is "the quality guardian", consulting with clients, ONSIGHT's creatives and the company as a whole to deliver projects to the highest standards in HD, 2K cinema, 3D, 4K/giant screen and now VR.

Tony Maher Head of Development

Since joining the team in 1997, Tony has been integral to the growing areas of ONSIGHT particularly in Post Production of Features and S3D projects. Graduating from Facility Manager and Senior Producer, Tony now oversees new business at ONSIGHT and initiating projects from shoot to delivery, relishing the more technically challenging projects.

John Walsh Chairman
David Wilde Operations Manager
Helen McLaughlin Financial Controller