On Sight

Client Testimonials

Our relationship has been very successful. It’s a unique collaboration from cameras through to post. We owe a lot to them.  

Anthony Geffen CEO & Executive Producer, Atlantic Productions

We’ve always been impressed with ONSIGHT’s ability to progress with new technology. They offer a great consistency of service. The whole team are great and we love the relocated building and location. I recommend them on a regular basis.

Rosie Holley Head of Visual Production, Eagle Rock Entertainment

We had a very positive experience at ONSIGHT and continue to work together with good reason. Their team seemed to relish the challenges and Andy Lee really finessed our film.

James Erskine Director & Co-Founder, New Black Films

They are a one-stop shop so I quickly felt very secure. The [relocated post] facility is much more welcoming and thought through with producers in mind and positions them well to go into a whole range of productions.

Caroline Hawkins Creative Director, Oxford Scientific Films

ONSIGHT provided Millennium Films with a 3D shooting package that was beyond my expectations. I have produced many feature films, but was genuinely amazed to be producing native 3D on budget and on schedule to such a high standard - I look forward to working with ONSIGHT again soon.

Danny Lerner Producer

In the first 3D project I onlined with ONSIGHT they proved their deep technical and creative understanding of stereo film making. They have since become a natural choice for high-end finishing - ONSIGHT has set themselves apart even further from all other finishing houses in the UK. 


Phil Streather CEO & Producer, PLF

Using ONSIGHT worked really well for us. Their expert ability to provide not only a shoot solution, but also full post production, has allowed us to use top end cameras and post tools on a TV budget.

Doug Naylor Writer & Director, Grant Naylor Productions

The choice of equipment was based on reliability and quality. ONSIGHT did a great job of providing the equipment and staff necessary to achieve this and were involved early in the planning stages. A test and set up day were managed by their team to ensure that everything was working as efficiently as possible.

Robin Broomfield 3D Operations & Development Manager, BSkyB

The film was so emotive and immersive; enriched through stereoscopy - my client had tears in their eyes.

Belle Buckley Producer, Passion Pictures

We cannot recommend ONSIGHT enough and we look forward to working with them again on future projects - whether it be 3D or 2D.

Production Kameleon

ONSIGHT Edit Rental team represent the leaders in HD hire in the UK, they have the widest range of HD equipment and the best knowledge base I have come across.

Miles Stormer Head of MCR, The Mill

ONSIGHT have supplied HD guidance... from pre-production planning and online editing through to quality assessment and deliverables. They have been excellent

Nick Broomfield Filmmaker and Director

The technical knowledge, support and experience offered by ONSIGHT is second to none - they are our first choice for anything high definition.

Sarah Mackay MD, The Joint

ONSIGHT's Camera Rental team consistently provided an excellent standard of service. Their presence on our set was the ultimate reassurance that things would run smoothly. Intelligent, affable and highly professional they are a real pleasure to work with.

Suze Olbrich Associate Producer, Live From Abbey Road

The ONSIGHT team make my life a breeze - I have used them for 4 years now and they are always my first port of call. Their technical knowledge is second to none and the customer service is unbeatable. Al has taught me everything I know - I often, quite literally, couldn't do it without him.

Hannah Madden-Plant Production Coordinator, Sky Sports

ONSIGHT's Camera Rental team inspire confidence in the excellence of their professional services and the quality of their personnel. Guaranteed high standard equipment and superior technical back up is a winning combination for me.

Stuart Luck Freelance Cameraman

ONSIGHT's Lab & Post team provides a first class service. Their machine room crew are knowledgeable, helpful and always very reliable.

Daniel Sasson Head of Technical Operations, Envy

When In© came up with the concept of making the fastest 3D road car film ever made we put together the best team of 3D experts ever assembled in the UK. A crucial part of the team was ONSIGHT who supplied key cameras, a stereographer and post facilities.

Jeremy Hart MD

Thanks for the Epic hire. I found the package very thoughtfully put together - hope to get the chance to hire from you guys again.

Lorenzo Levrini DoP